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May 03 2011

Email Marketing Tips

Top tips for a successful email marketing campaign


  1. DON'T use Outlook to send out your e-mails or you risk being flagged as a spammer.  Use one of the approved companies such as Constant Contact(they offer a FREE 60 day trial), MailChimp (sign up for FREE and send up to 12,000 emails per month) or VerticalResponse (FREE 30 day trial, then pay-as-you-go, i.e. no contract)

  2. DON'T cut and paste your text from Word, otherwise you may accidentally copy invisible code across.

  3. DO make sure your message is targetted to your audience.

  4. DO make sure your database is clean and up to date.

  5. DO include an opt out

  6. DO track your results

  7. For B2B e-mails, Wednesday at 3:00 PM has been found to be the best time to send emails.

  8. For B2C emails, Friday at 3:00 PM has been been found to be the best time as consumers are preparing for the weekend, when they generally do most of their shopping.

Your Virtual Assistant can help you with all these aspects, leaving you time to concentrate on your business.

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Apr 01 2011

Quick quiz

Here's a simple quiz for you:

If you find you're running around like a headless chicken, trying to multi task and do everything yourself, do you

  a.   Try to be a super hero and continue to work at break neck speed?

  b.   Turn work down because you are too busy?

  c.   Ask a virtual assistant to work with you?

Hopefully, your answer will be c

If you're not sure which tasks to delegate to your virtual assistant, why not make a list of all the tasks you do.  Cross out the tasks that only you can do and the rest can be outsourced to a VA.  You'll be amazed at the difference we can make to your business.

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Feb 06 2011

FREE telephone answering service

Are you missing important phone calls? special offer phone service

As a busy business person, do you find you are not always available to answer the phone, therefore you divert it to an answering machine? How many valuable calls have you missed?  How much potential business has passed you by?

If a potential client wants to contact someone from your organisation urgently, there's every chance they won't bother leaving a message and instead they will go to one of your competitors who is able to answer the phone.

Telephone call answering is just one of the services that Efficient PA offer. You just need to divert your phone to us and we answer the phone as if we were based in your office. All calls are answered in a polite and efficient way.

We go that extra mile to help the caller and assure them that their call will be returned by you. We keep you informed by e-mail of all calls received so that you can follow up at the next opportunity.

If you're still not convinced, then why not take us up on our offer of a FREE 1 week telephone call answering service on a trial basis? There's no obligation to sign up afterwards.

Contact us by e-mail or phone 01484 817811


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Jan 17 2011

Warning - hiring a Virtual Assistant can improve your health

How often have you worked until the early hours of the morning doing the paperwork for your accountant or preparing that important presentation? Ask yourself: is this good for my health?  Don't I deserve a better work/life balance?

How often have you turned work down so that you can stay at home to work on your admin? Is it really cost effective to do it yourself?

Perhaps you need more leisure time?  

Ever thought of hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you and your business?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you. They provide a wide range of administration services. They are cost effective, professional and confidential.

To combat those winter blues, Efficient PA are offering an irresistible 30% off the standard ad hoc rate for all Virtual Assistant work until 31 March 2011.

Contact us for further details.


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Dec 14 2010

5 ways to work effectively with your Virtual Assistant (VA)

If you’ve already decided that hiring a virtual assistant can benefit you and your business, then here’s a few pointers to ensure a good working business relationship:

  1. Communication – ensure that you have communicated your tasks effectively to your VA.  Have they fully understood the task?  Be clear about your objectives.

  2. Set achievable and realistic deadlines.  We’re efficient, but we’re not super human! 

  3. Respect your VA’s boundaries.

  4. Be receptive to new ways of working.  Many applications are now web based which means that you can keep in touch wherever you are.

  5. Learn to delegate – take stock of your daily routine and see which tasks you can outsource - from database cleaning, diary management and digital transcription, to typing, travel management and Twitter.


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