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Aug 06 2013

Why Good Quality Data is Essential For Your Marketing Campaign

Before you embark on a direct marketing campaign, think about the quality of the data you’re going to use. Whether it’s your own database of clients or a list you’ve purchased, is the data quality up to scratch?

Why good data important?

quality marketing data

In a nutshell, clean, good quality data will:


·         Save you time

·         Save you money

·         Deliver results

·         Avoid embarrassment

·         Avoid complaints

·         Ensure compliance to regulations


People move, businesses close down, people die - Fact! Now, whilst you might think that the vast percentage of the records within your database will still be ok, think about how much it costs to market to the list in the first place. How much is a stamp, never mind the paper, envelope, print? If calling, what does a phone call cost? Even email broadcasting, whilst relatively inexpensive, does come at a price as anything that doesn’t land in the inbox of your intended recipient is wasted expenditure. The return on investment is easily swayed by the quality of the data used.


Cost aside, think about how much time might be wasted calling out of date records, stuffing envelopes with incorrectly addressed letters or sifting through bounced emails. Even worse, what if you call and ask for Mrs Jones, only for Mr Jones to answer and advise you that his wife passed away two years ago! How would that make you or your sales team feel?

 making the wrong call



In order to remain compliant with legislation, good quality data will have been “screened” against such industry files as Telephone Preference / Corporate Telephone Preference (TPS / CTPS) file. What this means is that people and companies who have chosen to register on these files may not be contacted by telephone for telemarketing purposes without firstly giving their prior written consent. There is a cost attached to this screening process, hence the chances are that “cheap” data won’t have been screened.


Whilst this won’t apply to your existing database of clients if that’s what you’re using (since they have provided you with consent (presumably) during their direct dealings with you), this must be considered whenever purchasing data lists. If you’re in any doubts as to the implications of using data that hasn’t been screened, take note…..

Information Commissioners Office

Should you market to somebody who has registered on these files by telephone, you’re firstly likely to receive an earful of abuse from the recipient. Secondly, you’re likely to receive a request as to whom you purchased your data from. If that isn’t enough, you run the risk of being contacted by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and in the worst instances, fined a significant sum of money – see link http://aquira.co.uk/ico-fines-glasgow-firm-90000-for-tps-breach-2/


Is the Data Opted In for Third Party Marketing?


With regard to email marketing, you may have heard of “Opting in” and “Opting out”. Well, good quality data will only ever contain “Opted in”records – what this means in simple terms is that the contact concerned will have “ticked the box”, so to speak, to say that they are happy to be contacted by third parties for the purpose of marketing.


opt in data


I dare say that some of my readers may, at some time or another, have been offered a list by someone they know. That list might be offered at, say, £1,000 for 100,000 contacts – certainly it might sound too good to be true as when compared to the high street price of data, this might seem like a bargain in comparison. However, there are costs in producing good quality data as above ought to have highlighted. I must say that as far as data goes, you get what you pay for. Cheap data lists are only likely to prove costly, time consuming and potentially damaging to your business finances and reputation.

And Finally, The Key To Success…..


….. with any Direct Marketing campaign is ensuring you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Good quality, clean data gives you every chance of ensuring the middle aspect of the equation is covered. If you’re ever in any doubt, or simply after advice, we strongly recommend you contact a reputable company that is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) such as Data Bubble Consultancy Limited - www.databubble.info - who will be only too happy to assist.


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