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Jan 08 2013

Nurture Your Past Clients


How often do you revisit your old customers to generate new sales? 

FACT: Past and existing customers are the single best source for future sales, even in businesses where customers make purchases every other year.

It’s far easier and less costly to KEEP a customer than to ACQUIRE a new customer.   It’s estimated that it costs between 2 - 20 times as much to attract a new client than to retain one, when you take into account how much money you spend on prospecting, advertising, trade shows etc. If you don’t keep in touch once you have acquired a customer all that money is down the drain. 

Despite the evidence, I have come across many people who are either reluctant to pick up the phone to their previous clients or simply don’t have the time, yet they know they need to do it because it makes good business sense.

There are a number of Virtual Assistants who can do this for you.  We can make appointments for you to meet both old and new clients and leave the rest to you. 

So don’t forget about your past customers, they could bring you that extra revenue that you’re looking for.

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